Our approach

Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants offer a pragmatic and deliverables-oriented set of skills to augment your existing team:

Flexibility: Clients engage us for a number of reasons - some utilise us for a defined role on a project; some require additional or specialist resources at project bottlenecks, or for new ventures. Others are looking for occasional ongoing consultancy and mentoring. We offer a flexible service to meet your requirements, and provide a cost-effective alternative to employing extra staff.

Location: Depending on your requirements, we can work either on your premises, or from our own office.  We are based in London but work throughout the UK and Europe.  For geographically distributed projects, we can provide teleconferencing, and offer tools for on-line meetings and collaborative working.

Skills transfer and mentoring: Our experience is across various industry sectors, and on projects ranging from small speculative ventures to large multi-national implementations.  We can advise on appropriate analysis, project management and user-centred design techniques for your project, and train your staff in them if required.  We can advise on industry best practice and how to incorporate this within your own standards and processes.

Charging model: We operate on either a contract basis, or via a purchase order where you can ‘call off’ days as required. Depending on the nature of your requirements, our charges are calculated on either a daily rate basis, or as a deliverables-based fee.